Please, stop sending HTML mail!

     You are surely asking you what does this stand for. Well this is my campaign against all those who send HTML mail. Whenever I see someone using that format (it's easy, my email program doesn't support them) I send him the following email:

Subject: Please, stop sending HTML mail
Body: Greetings.

     I've seen you send HTML emails, something that is not bad at all, but I would like to give you some reasons to stop sending emails in that format:

  1. Many mail programs have problems or can't read your message at all.
  2. Thanks to the HTML tags, the size of your message is superior to the size of the same message without HTML tags. Although a single message doesn't slow down a server, one message of 5 or 10 Kb (usual with HTML emails) can create a traffic of 2500 to 5000 Kb if you send it to a mailing list of 500 users. Imagine how would Internet slow down if promptly EVERYBODY started sending HTML mail.
  3. Most of the times, you don't need HTML to make the message easier for understanding.
  4. Content counts, form doesn't.

     We live in a free world, and I cannot order you to do something, therefore I ask you a favor: please stop sending HTML emails. If you have problems desactivating this feature, come here:

     Considerate also the following:

     Thank you.

     And obviously, if you reached this far after recieving my email, you surely want to know how to desactiate the feature. You don't need a big computer knowledge to do this, however, the programs usually hide their options. For that reason, select below the mail program you have and I will try to help you create a better world for our children :-)