Proyecto Arkanoid

     This is the result of a work presented for the second year's C subject of Computer Engineering at Deusto (ESIDE). It's a special project because it didn't exist in the ``standard'' choice of projects, and because we wanted to do something special, and that is, our program should be portable across different platforms. It was presented sometime around January, 2000.

     The game itself isn't equal to most freeware games. However, the teacher evaluated it and considered it to be worth the highest mark. We are proud to have recieved such calification, and with the spirit of sharing knowledge, we offer our work to the public so it can be analyzed, studied and of course, modified.

     The original work was presented with the printed documentation and the soruce code plus necessary compilers and libraries in a CDROM, since all was more than 16 megabytes, and it wasn't convenient to use floppy disks. Obviously we included only the free tools in the disk, like DJGPP. This electronic version of the work is nearly identical to the original, with the difference of not having the original CDROM, and the documentation being in LATEX format.

     The original CDROM contained the directories bin, docs, proy and files, containing the latter all files which can be obtained from internet. The bin directory contains DOS and Windows binaries. The docs directory contains the original documentation (with indications from where to get the files of the files directory) in LATEX, HTML, PS, PDF and plain text formats. The proy directory contains the source code of the program which can be compiled under DOS, Windows or Linux.

Unluckily for the english reader, all this work was presented in spanish, since Deusto (ESIDE) is a spanish university. Unless you read spanish fluently, you won't be interested in anything else than the bin directory, which contains the playable game.

    If you don't know how to open .bz2 files, go to the Bzip2 page and discover one of the best free compressors currently available.

     If you want to see if this interests you before downloading anything, read the HTML version of the documentation. And here you have a screenshot of the game.