Aliens Attacks

     Well, this is weird, let's se what you think about it. I have studied at the German School of Bilbao, a little bit rusty school, with some subjects old in the time. Of course not German.

     I and lot's of friends were tortured with the terrible German language. My pain at the exams was so big that I asked an ex-student (Jorge) to teach me some classes in exchange for money. He accepted, and there started a beautiful friendship.

     Usually my homework was to write a resume of two pages about some subject like the atomic bomb, violence, violations, etc. Subjects which simply bored me a lot.

     One day I had the happy idea: why not invent a story? The thing was great, I could write anything with the only restriction it should be in German, and then I could also laugh about it with Jorge. I wrote several short stories, all ficticious in a distant future, and I don't like them so much now. However, one of them fascinated me, so much that I would have liked to be able to draw a Manga comic, or direct an Anime film using it as a script.

     The story tells the adventures of Fernádez and Aurora, two heroes who without knowing it they will have to save humanity and all other races of the universe from destruction (as always). However, the story usually ironices the reality, the stereotypes, the social relations, some teachers of the German School, the stupidity of the conversations, even other mangas and ficticious stories.

     The truth is you will have to be a genius to understand everything I wrote, because only a deformed brain like mine can relation some things (I had to explain some of them to Jorge, who is not as stupid as I). And then, you will need to know a mixture of German and Spanish, because some jokes have their base on the mixture and contextualization of spanish words in the German language.

     Anyway, enjoy the story if you can. It was ment to be fun. Click here.