Super Anti-web

     Hi. At this moment it's 00:50 local time, and for some reason I have the urgent need to write this. When sometimes I think in that way, were I don't remember what ever made me start thinking, and I don't know what will make me stop, I try to solve the world.

     But not the world of the others, that one where every three seconds a child dies from famine, where lying is normal because the most important thing is the end, and not the tools, where whatever worries most people is having money, without thinking if they are happy.

     Certainly I believe we have a horrible world. No, let me slaughter it, because I don't do it every day. There's something weird in me: I can't see the world's defects. Why? Because I am happy, or at least I think so. I don't think in the future, nor in the past, nor in the present, I just exist; I am egoist enough to think that I am happy and all right.

     It shouldn't be like that. I shouldn't sleep, I should host in my house (well, my parent's house) people who have not a home, or simply those who need help of any type, even if that means just patting you in the back and saying an encouraging "come on".

     But the world is a shit, it doesn't worry anybody, me being the first. Because we are all the same, all impotent, and nobody can do anything to change what (we supose) has been all the time like that. Acommodate the man to the environment, instead of the environment to the man. Or maybe we are doing it wrong the other way round?

     I only know that I have to write this, and blame something stupid because somewhere inside me, there's a part which doesn't agree. Well, let's touch that sensible nerve, and let's incomunicate comunication. Yes, if you are reading this, maybe it's because of luck, you are using a text browser, or you have done a "clever trick" to select the "invisible" text of this page, which is unreadable in most graphic browsers.

     Does this help something? To you nothing, but to me it means that I will be able to sleep well, because I have done something stupid but necessary. And the children will be able to keep dying every three seconds, and the children will be able to die in car accidents, and the children will be able to take out guns and press the trigger aiming at their best friends, and talk about the monotonous day when the most important thing is that which hasn't happened yet.

     Why promptly so many children? Because we are not adult enough to see and solve the real problems. Hopefully I will never wake up, because I would stop being happy.